Consumer Insights

identification of drivers, barriers, expectations, perceptions, and values ​​based on exploratory surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic observations, mystery shopping, among other methodologies.

Methodologies Design & Blending

Development of complex research methodologies, which require a specific approach or data system that takes into account different sources of information.

Trends Exploration

Based on qualitative methodologies with primary sources – that is: people, their discourses, motivations, and behaviors.


Identification, description and analysis of consumer profile clusters based on patterns, drivers, identities, describing who, how many, what and why.

Data Storytelling

One Shot boutique reporting, which can include statistical analysis, descriptive analysis, interpretative analysis and data visualization.

Deluxe one-week Creative Planning pack

A convenient solution for creative agencies urgently needing to meet both clients and consumers desires and expectations. In these cases, we offer a mix of daily deliverables that include agile research. This is how we  distill unique insights to be translated into action opportunities.